Why are GIF “inventors” unknown?

As we have read in the reading’s GIF’s or Graphic Interchange Format are taking the world by storm and seem to be everywhere. What I found particularly interesting in the reading was the fact that the creator of the GIF itself is unknown or deemphasized.

Considering today’s culture with celebrities and the American dream being obsessed with become rich and famous, the fact the GIF, “inventors”, if you will, don’t take credit for their GIF’s and aren’t recognized for their art is a curious matter. I have a couple theories that may explain this strange phenomenon.

First Theory: The “inventors” of GIF’s deliberately don’t take credit for their GIF’s because they don’t want to appear nerdy. In today’s day and age we idolize famous people as I’ve stated, however, by doing this, we also look down upon the hidden video gamer/ meme maker/ Gif maker/ basement dweller. When we picture the inventors of GIF’s we don’t immediately think of wealthy people who are doing this for the good of humanity, instead we think of a 37 year old, living in his parents basement, making GIF’s and memes because he/she thinks they are funny and they are bored out of their minds. We don’t want to be like the second obviously, and that’s why I don’t think some GIF inventors take credit for their GIF’s.

Second Theory: Anyone and everyone can make a GIF so it isn’t that impressive to “invent” one. This theory is probably more likely. According to the article we read, Never Gonna GIF You Up: Analyzing the Cultural Significance of The Animated GIF, written by Kate M. Miltner and Tim Highfield,” In October 2016, Giphy announced it was serving more than 1 billion GIFs to over 100 million active users every day”. As we see through this absurd statistic, GIF’s are super popular and billions of GIF’s are used, which leads back to my hypothesis, that anyone and everyone can make one, thus the inventors don’t take credit for the GIF’s they create.

Above is a video about the inventor of the GIF and some hilarious examples.



GIF inventor video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUmVvocbrgQ

Never Gonna GIF You Up: Analyzing the Cultural Significance of the Animated GIF, written by Kate M miltner and Tim Highfield

A brief History of the GIF (so far), written by Jason Eppink

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